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This Is the Storey of a Girl

The pretty face that she hides from the world

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I am a geek, an agnosto-atheist, a liberal, a gamer, a programmer, a crafter, a quirkyalone, a hopeless romantic trying like hell to keep a realistic outlook. Grew up in small town Indiana, lived in Minneapolis for a few years, eventually moved to the big city of Washington, DC, in pursuit of a career. Sometimes regret not following the straight and narrow path of college, career, and family, but looking at my life, there's not a damn thing I'd change or give up. I believe in the adage that whatever does not kill us makes us stronger.

Still pursuing my education, hopefully always will be. Continually searching for the next challenge. Usually happy, rarely content. A lover of arts and crafts, always willing to try something new. Low tolerance for drama, idiots, conservatives, and religious fundamentalists. I'm a giver and will share all I have with a friend in need, but will turn in a heartbeat if I'm being taken advantage of. Attached at the hip to my boyfriend, drakefenwick.

I am a work in progress.

I have many tastes, and enjoy a lot of things. Sometimes I am a quiet wallflower, and sometimes I am the center of attention. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow. I like renaissance Italian and French countryside and bauhaus and neo-gothic and steampunk and art deco. I listen to Jewel and Eva Cassidy and Jason Mraz and The Eagles and Def Leppard and Gaelic Storm and Tori Amos and The Beatles and Poe and Eminem and Weird Al and Paul Simon. I wear business casual and blue jeans while drooling over Gypsy Moon. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade, sometimes the wrong century, and sometimes at the exact perfect moment. I am a hundred-sided die -- you won't know who I am today until you've rolled me, and even then it's sometimes hard to tell.

A note about interests: A while back, I went through and pared down my interests list, because I discovered that I am limited to 150 interests. As a geek, I tend to be interested in EVERYTHING EVER OMG!!!, but since I can't list every single thing that has ever held my attention for the space of a few minutes... I eliminated things that are universal (like "movies" and "computers"), things that are repetitive (like listing "faeries" and "fairies", or "society for creative anachronism" and "sca"), things that are only sorta interests, and pretty much all the actors and movies I used to list (except for John Cusack, may my love for him never fade). So if there's something I haven't listed that you're going "Oh my god, I can't believe she doesn't like _______!"... chances are I DO, but I decided not to list it because I figured it didn't even need to be said. :)
80s music, abandoned buildings, antidieting, atlantia, bad jokes, basket weaving, bellydancing, big bang theory, bipolar disorder, blackwork, board games, book stores, books, boys with glasses, browncoats, burt's bees, card games, cats, childfree, console rpgs, cooking, costuming, crochet, cross-stitching, crushed the doomed kitty, dancing, databases, discworld, drake fenwick, dungeons and dragons, embroidery, faeries, family guy, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, fonts, gaming, garb, gay rights, geeks, gencon, george r. r. martin, ghost towns, grammar, gypsy moon, harry potter, iasmh, indie games, indigo girls, infj, intuitive eating, john cusack, jonathan coulton, kevin smith, knitting, les miserables, logic puzzles, lolcats, mayfair games, mermaids, monty python, munchkin, musicals, myth busters, neil gaiman, nerds, old houses, order of the stick, peoplesoft, photoshop, piano, pirates, pixar, pro-choice, procrastination, programming, psychology, puns, puzzles, quirkyalone, ravelry, reading, recipes, red dwarf, rent, rio grande games, robert heinlein, robo rally, rpgs, sca, sci-fi, secret passages, sewing, sex, showchoir, silent hill, singing, snark, society for creative anachronism, something positive, spelling, spider robinson, sql, sqr, star wars, steampunk, supermegatopia, tacos, talking to myself, terry pratchett, text adventures, the critic, the sims, thunderstorms, trader joes, trains, troubadours of divine bliss, victorian, video games, vietnamese food, violin, vocabulary, voice, weird al, word games, words, writing, yarn


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